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Garage Door Repair Services in Katy, TX

Are the tracks on your garage door damaged?

In order for your garage door to properly function, it must be on an undamaged track. The garage door tracks are responsible for keeping your garage door in line and lowering it swiftly. With that being said, a common issue that plagues many garage door tracks is when they become bent or damaged. This is generally caused by unnecessary pressure on the track or simply the age of the track. When it becomes damaged it can prevent the garage door from lifting or lowering properly. If you are suffering with this issue call your friends at Magic TX Garage Door today!

Is a bad weather seal making your garage uncomfortable?

No one wants to walk into a freezing cold or boiling hot garage. A weather seal is installed on garage doors in order to prevent outside weather from entering your home. Issues such as high heat and cold temperatures can ruin your home. Similarly moisture can cause damage to your walls and cars. When a weather seal becomes damaged getting professional repair services is imperative for your home. Call us today if you suspect your weather seal is damaged and get fast and efficient repair services today.

Is there a broken panel on your garage door?

Broken garage door panels can be a very challenging situation. Garage door panels ensure the safety of your car, your home, and whatever is within your garage. When a garage door panel is broken however this can put all of these items in danger. While some customers may attempt these issues with wood or any other alternative, this can not only cause more damage but also create unnecessary pressure on the springs and tracks for your garage door. If you have a missing or damaged panel trust in our professional technicians to provide efficient repair services.

Before stressing out about issues with your garage door, trust in Magic TX Garage Door. Our factory trained technicians can provide you with industry leading repair service that will restore the comfort of a garage door to your home. Call us today for the best services in the Katy, TX area!


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